Single party rule in US

It is increasingly hard to get motivated to vote in US elections because the ballot has the same thing expressed artificially divided as two choices.   No matter who wins, we will continue spending, growing government, refusing to increase revenues where possible.  No matter who wins, the answer is always the same that we have infinite wealth in a the way of a limitless line of credit.

The word party has been redefined to a social party.  There are two increasingly segregated address lists of who can be invited to social gatherings.  The whole goal of election is to continue to be invited to these gatherings.

The two party division is a plot line to a political show to get people to vote.  

Elections have become less about issues and more about political tactics.   They are increasingly innovative with efforts to divide the population and energize their bases.  This leads to issues being split between opposing candidates haphazardly for maximum effect to divide the population.   I see no coherent theme in either side so that issues I support and oppose end up getting split evenly between the two.  What counts, apparently, is which issue gets me worked up the most.

If one side wins an election, instead of taking the win as a mandate to pursue their issues, they read it as confirmation that their political tactics are working and should be enhanced the next time.   Political discourse is increasing about voting strategies about the color code of states and how to change the color using essentially frivolous issues having very little relevance to government.

Political tactics deliberately divide their districts into good and evil neighbors.  We are increasingly encouraged to identify our neighbors as on the side of good or the side of evil.

The politicians win their elections and often have much better relationships with their counterparts across the aisle than their constituents are having with their neighbors.  Neighbors blacklist each other based on which campaign sign they put in their yard or bumper sticker the put on their car.  The politicians become close buddies.

We have a single party but they carry different logos and colors like the Romans divided their population based on chariot teams.  

They whip us up for the next race (always the most important in history) so that we cheer for one side or the other.   Our attention is on the coming race even if the last one ended the previous day.  

Frankly, there are other sports games more engaging to watch.


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