Warp speed. Where to captain? Oh, that way.

Recently president announced a program he called warp-speed that promises by the end of this year 300 million doses of a vaccine for a corona type virus that has never before had a safe and effective vaccine.   It is going to happen this time because the government is promising to pay for multiple concurrent efforts with the expectation that one of them will succeed.

When there is a single vaccine development effort, the question is whether it works or does not work.   When there are multiple concurrent development efforts, each funded by the government thus multiplying the investment, the question becomes which one works the best.   If the president is still in office at the end of the year, he would be compelled to do one of his ribbon-cutting ceremonies and announce the winning vaccine that we will all have to take.

There will be one that will be better than the rest.   That one vaccine may perform terribly, not protecting the majority of recipients, and causing harm to a large number of people.   That vaccine will be what everyone will be injected with, facilitated by deployment of military so everyone can get vaccinated possibly before the year is over.   The vaccine is not one that works or is safe, it is just the one that outperformed all the others that were attempted.

Usually in government contracts, there are multiple bidders.   When a contract is awarded, the losing bidders have an opportunity to contest the award.   They invested a lot of money preparing the bid and they want one last chance to get a return.

Warp speed vaccination development is different because the government is fully funding all the bidders.   There will be just one that “wins” but all of them get their money.   The losing parties will not contest the win.   In a normal competitive process, their incentive to contest an award was our best opportunity to stop the government from doing something stupid.    That is not going to happen here.

The president declares that this is a great thing, the greatest thing ever.   We’re all going to be vaccinated with something, it is just a matter of choosing which one.   The one thing that can not happen is that we will not get any vaccine.   We’ll get something even if it does no good and harms us in the long run, especially harming our youngest and their future.

This vaccine will become the largest human experiment in history.  Unlike science we were taught in school, this experiment has no control group, and the experiment will involve every living human in the country.    If it succeeds fantastically, we will avoid the loss of a few hundred thousand frail elderly people over the course of a few years.   If it fails, we may wipe out our civilization.

This could become the largest thing any president has ever done before.   No one will be around to carve his image onto Mt Rushmore.

This quote is from another context but applies especially well for what is coming:

You are all a part of a giant human experiment like every child in our vaccine program, which brings me to the Nuremberg Code. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. Remember, after Nazi Germany, we said we are never going to inject innocent people with products they are not aware of. We are never going to perform a medical, what? Experiment on any person in a democratic, free nation or republic. Every nation signed on. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent. Should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion. What do you call it when they say you can’t put your child in a public or private school if they don’t have all their vaccinations? Coercion. The United States government is currently breaking the Nuremberg Code as we speak.

That was for current childhood vaccination schedule.   By the end of this year, the government will break the Nuremberg Code to an extent even the Nazis never contemplated: medically experimenting on their entire population.



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