Revolt of the vaccinated

We are told that we cannot return to normal until everyone is vaccinated, but the vaccine is not ready yet so we have to wait. We hear reports of various trials having promising results while at the same time the small sample sizes are reporting harmful side effects: the vaccine resulted in severe reactions immediately afterwards, or the vaccine did not stop having positive tests. These are tests a small sample sizes for very short time periods.

The plans are having a vaccine ready by the end of the year or early next year. Given the time for production, there will be only a few weeks of testing for bad effects of the vaccine.

I can very easily imagine that the vaccine will cause injuries that will begin to appear 6 months to 6 years after the injection. This has been true for earlier vaccines such as recent flu vaccines where the vaccinated had a higher rate of death for all causes compared to the ones who were not vaccinated. Other studies have traced populations of children where those getting vaccines had died from all causes at a higher rate than children who were not getting vaccines.

Deaths are easy to measure, and the correlation with vaccines is fairly easy to make. Correlation is not causation, as the saying goes, but the correlation signal is strong and at least deserves some explanation. We get no explanations because we are told that governments have already declared the vaccine safe so now the burden of proof is on proving it is unsafe. They never proved it being safe over the long term in the first place, it was just declared so by the governing body.

This reminds me of our current predicament where government’s declared the COVID19 disease to be some existential threat (at least to our healthcare systems) and once declared we continue on that path even though it is clear they never had sufficient evidence to come to that conclusion and yet the burden of proof is on proving the healthcare systems are not at risk.

Similarly, governments have declared the necessity for social distancing, lock downs, and mask wearing. The burden of proof is on those who point out that there never was any science to support these recommendations and lots of science to support that these are bad ideas.

In each of these cases, part of the arguments against the government’s actions are unintended consequences that often outweigh the benefits. Vaccines can cause more excess deaths from all causes than it saves for the targeted disease. People depend on healthcare systems for saving their lives from a variety causes and those people are asked to postpone their optimally scheduled appointments for the sake of reserving spare capacity for the caseload that never materialized. Social distancing and lock down policies are harming peoples lives sending them into depression, suicide attempts, or violence. In addition, the policies are greatly disrupting supply chains that will likely lead to massive shortages later this year up to and including starvation for millions of people.

Yet the government charges ahead convinced that they have to continue with their initial decisions that obviously were not as well informed at the time as information available now.

On the topic of vaccines, it is obvious that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Some people getting the vaccines will end up dying for causes that would not have been fatal if they were not vaccinated. Deaths are easy to count but low in number. If vaccines can cause death, then it is reasonable to assume that they can cause non-fatal chronic conditions ranging from autism (brain development disorder resulting from vaccinating the very young with still developing brains), diabetes, or psychological or behavioral disorders, of bodily functional disorders that can greatly hamper a person’s quality of life.

Most of the vaccinations are given to young people so that any injury from the vaccinations will affect their entire adult lives or especially the early part of their adulthood when they have to achieve so much in order to have a comfortable later adulthood. Inflicting them with conditions requiring frequent medical care and continuous medication will limit their potential development personally and professionally.

I have no idea what number of people may now be inflicted with vaccine injuries that are causing them to struggle with their lives in ways their parents did not have to. I suspect the number is very large given the huge number of vaccine injections given throughout childhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if one out of ten young adults have their lives hampered by some form of medical dependency that earlier generations never had to deal with. Their lives are like those in the space station, confined and dependent on life support, instead of being free and self sufficient (at least in terms of life support. These lives require frequent checkups, therapy, and continuous medication.

Part of what is so frightening in the current circumstances is that among the near-term possibilities is the possibility that we will suffer a complete global economic collapse. This could leave these lives abandoned, cut off from the medical care that is sustaining their lives.

It will be like the current space station occupants finding out that their ground support no longer exists and they have no safe way to return to earth and no prospects of resupplies. There are tens of millions of young people who will need to face a much more difficult struggle of survival without the benefits of the medical assistance they need, resulting from the vaccinations.

Whether caused by vaccines or not, there are a lot of young people who are dependent on the medical systems to live a normal life in normal times. Their future may force them to struggle more while at the same time not having access to that medical life support.

It is certainly a stretch to relate the current protests and riots to have anything to do with vaccine injuries. Very likely, many of the participants do suffer from some form of chronic conditions that may trace to vaccine injuries even though they are protesting for the same reason everyone else is.

Eventually the current protests will dissipate, and we will still have a problem of a population of young people who sense they are not getting the same deal for their lives as their parents or grandparents received. A good part of that is that they are not as healthy as their ancestors were at similar ages. Some of that unhealthiness was due to over-medicating their youths whether from excess use of mood medications or from excessive vaccinations that save lots of lives from one cause at the expense of vaccine injuries that rob them of the lives they could have had.

I think a lot of the current turmoil has to do with the election season so things will likely settle down at the end of the year. At that time, we’ll know who our next leaders will be and we’ll probably be presented with a vaccine we all must take.

At the end of this year, the young people will be forced to take a vaccine for a disease that presents very little risk to their lives. The vaccine itself may be less than 50% effective so everyone needs to take it to have a chance at the supposed herd immunity that will prevent the virus from reaching the remaining vulnerable. This vaccine will have no chance for long-term safety studies and involves genetically modification.

The young people will need to live out the rest of their lives from any long term consequences of that genetic modification or from any consequences of the additives and impurities in the injection. The young people will include very young children and infants. Any such consequences are burdens that they alone will need to face for the rest of their lives.

To the extent that there are injuries from childhood vaccinations, the adults (parents, doctors, bureaucrats mandating vaccine schedules, manufactures) were solely responsible for those injuries. Most of the adults never faced a similar risk and nearly all of those adults are not suffering similar injuries.

I would not be surprised if the new vaccine will have adverse effects on the lives of tens of millions of young people. Many may die prematurely in coming years when they would have survived if never vaccinated. Many may never be able to become parents. Most will have some kind of chronic illness, limiting their life potential or making them permanently dependent on expensive and specialized medical care that may not actually be available at the time.

There are likely many young people now who are suffering from injuries from their past vaccinations. I try to get into their minds now as they see their elder leaders insisting on their further sacrificing their futures through forced unemployment, government-dependency, suspended life development, inability to build relationships. These actions are further sacrifices with no real benefits on top of the sacrifices they already made by absorbing injuries from vaccines from disease most would never have contracted or if contracted most would not have died from.

My generation (the elders) are damaging the lives of the younger generation in countless ways, all under the delusion that we are saving them from diseases or from illnesses. This is happening despite the obvious evidence of our own long lifespans that never had these impositions.

Personally, I grew up with just a few vaccinations (that happen to be among the few vivid memories I have from childhood), I grew up with very little supervision from parents compared to the new nearly government mandated constant supervision and structured activities, I never had to suspend my education or had my opportunities suspended for a longer period than perhaps an aftermath of a major snow storm or lengthy power outage. I made it this far at least.

My generation has consistently imposed on the younger generation a multitude of inconveniences and limitations that we never had to endure. We are doing it all under some moral grandstanding, just as we are not locking them out of normal social behavior. We are asking them to sacrifice out of respect to the fact that older people are dying. Note that this sacrifice does not appear to have any effect on changing the number of such victims.

Young people have to suspend their lives and sacrifice their futures because old people are dying. The older generation is content at the morality of trying to save lives even when it is abundantly clear that the effort is completely ineffectual. This is a respiratory virus doing what all respiratory viruses do and there is virtually nothing humans can do to stop its contagion trajectory.

We are shutting down the economy and thus the future prospects of our young people for the illusion of being saintly in saving lives of people, nearly all of whom have already enjoyed the better years of their lives.

Eventually the older generation will die. At that time, the surviving generation will look back and notice something very odd: their generation had an excess rate of deaths and excess rate of chronic ailments compared to their ancestors at similar ages. They did it to please delusions of their elders, delusions that they had no power to argue against.

There will be a vaccine for a SARS variant virus administered this fall or next winter. Everyone will receive whatever the governing generation decides should go into that needle. I am certain it will be something even though we never before found a vaccine for this type of virus that works. The vaccine will pass the efficacy tests that do not test for preventing the actual virus. The vaccine will pass the safety testing that have nothing to do with long term safety. The vaccine will be injected into everyone in order to get the passports that allows them to participate in society in something resembling a humane existence.

Perhaps 30% of the elderly getting the vaccine will gain an immunity to the virus while the remaining will survive either by not getting the virus or by beating the odds they current face. Similarly, around 30% of the young will get some injury that will lead to premature death from other causes, to being burdened by come chronic condition requiring lifelong medical attention, or to being infertile. Whatever the number will be, and it will be greater than zero, they will have sacrificed for their elder’s virtue signaling of trying to defeat a virus.

I guess I can imagine some bitterness from my own life experience where my opportunities were greatly hampered by a severe case of irritable bowel of the diarrhea variety, having daily (sometimes multiple times a day) episodes of extreme urgency from my mid-20s to my late-40s. This condition put a major constraint on what I could do. I avoided dining out because the episodes would frequently occur mid-meal. This contributed to having few dating attempts (and even the few attempted did not go well), and it affected my professional life in having to decline business breakfasts or lunches or dinners. I would even avoid long trips because I had no confidence of being more than a half hour from a toilet.

I resent this condition. Doctors were not able to help. At the time, it seemed like a new phenomena but at the time it appeared to be a first-world type of problem, a complaint because there was nothing more serious to complain about. Later, I imagined it being a genetic trait, because clearly others were not having this problem. As a result, I was glad to not have the opportunity to pass this gene along. Later still I imagined my digestive system having its own brain but was developmentally stunted at the 2-year old stage where the bowel evacuation was its equivalent to a temper tantrum.

Over the years, I paid attention to the medical progress in gradually taking the condition seriously and eventually getting very close to at least describing what I went through. The explanations remain basically the same: some combination of diet and stress. Neither make sense to me.

Recently, I learned more about vaccine injuries that include injuries to the gut. I have no reason to suspect a vaccine injury, but if I were living through my 30s right now, I would very much suspect that. In that younger hypothetical, I would very much resent my life being stolen for some vaccine for something that either I would not have gotten or I would have survived I did get it.

Being denied a normal life for the virtue-signaling of my elders would anger me enough to join in protests surrounded by broken glass and burning vehicles. In such an environment I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a toilet.

So to the current governments I offer a warning about continuing this nonsense about trying to defeat a virus. Your virtue signaling comes at the price of demanding substantial sacrifices on the younger generation that already endured earlier sacrifices of your overly protective parenting and excessive vaccinations. Your virtue signaling will soon force on them one final sacrifice of an unproven vaccine that likely will be of a generic modification variety. That will be followed by a life of suspicion of everyone until they confirm their vaccination status.

In short, that final sacrifice my generation is expecting from the young generation is the abandonment of a normal human life on this planet with some opportunity for a fulfilling life.


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