About Ken Neumeister

My normal occupation is in technical work, originally engineering but ended up morphing into IT, data warehouses, and data mining.   I self-describe myself as a data scientist.  My fascination with data intrudes on a lot of my thinking.

I enjoy writing and I thought it might be interesting to express my thoughts on topics from a perspective of data science.  It may not come through most of the time, but when I read back some of my writing I see parallels with challenges I faced when confronting data problems.   It is an eccentricity that I’m comfortable with.

When I was not working, my goal was to spend a good portion of my day trying to learn acoustic piano without the nagging thoughts of a work waiting at the office.   It turns out that practically speaking I can only do 2-3 hours per day of practice usually in 30-minute chunks throughout the day.

Initially I found myself filling in time just reading or playing some game.   I recalled my earlier fondness for writing and thought I would try blogging.  I’m approaching it just like I approached writing many decades ago, but instead of writing in private papers, I’m writing where it might be discovered.

I don’t expect an audience although it is very flattering to receive notice of a like of an article or read a comment.   I’m glad that occasionally I write something that someone else likes.

Earlier, I had a goal of writing two blog posts a day one a more technical and the other more personal; however, later my output has become more inconsistent due to various distractions.   I hope to pick up where I left off sometime soon, writing down my brain-wanderings.

In my last job, I arrived early before most people and often used the time to write in the department’s SharePoint site some content that was relevant to my work and that I thought would be useful for the team.  I got some encouraging feedback about that effort and I certainly enjoyed writing.   That is a model for what I’m doing now only my job now is a little broadly defined as whatever comes to my mind.   Although I’m currently not working, I am the type of person who lives in order to work instead of working in order to live.   I like work and this is a way to mimic that feeling.

Personally I cling to the dream that someday I’ll be able to entertain someone with my piano playing.  The goal is if I ever again get invited to a house with a piano I can at least volunteer to play something and play without them asking me to stop before completing one piece.  I have a long ways to go.

I have always been a person how keeps to himself.  I tend to be a boring conversationalist because of my interests tend to be exclusive to odd topics rather more popular topics.

This blog is an opportunity for my personality to get out of the house where I feel comfortable to talk what is on my mind for the simple fact that it is on my mind.

Ken Neumeister  in Arlington Virginia

You may contact me using this form:

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