Professional Life

Currently (re) employed, but continue to be interested in opportunities in or near Arlington Virginia.

My interests are in large scale problems, what was once called systems engineering or operations research.

My formal education was more specific to Electrical Engineering (Communications and Control Systems) but I pursued a lot additional coursework (at the time) in more specialized mathematics including systems of partial differential equations, linear algebra, statistics and stochastics, and some introduction to operations research including linear programming and monte carlo techniques.

My work career evolved based on opportunities available that eventually led to about a 20 year run of various kinds of computer simulations using custom software to solve specific problems.  Initially this involved time-step methods with physical dynamic models to model satellite motion and pilot-aircraft systems.  I then moved on to discrete event simulations that relied more heavily on statistical models and state-changes.   Finally I ended working with big data collections but with the goal of modeling or what-if analysis.   Initially I was eager to use data techniques to solve the log-jam of discrete event processing by changing the perspective to discrete set.   However, later I focused primarily on being able to slice and dice as-is data and use database queries to map the data onto a new space based on the concepts being considered in what-if scenarios.   See this post for how I  tie simulation and modeling with big data.

I’m very interested in database technologies of SQL and Multi-dimensional techniques for the purpose of doing data science both to tame the wild-side of that that is prone to abuse or misunderstanding, and to find information available in data with a way of tracing the conclusions back to the original sources for validation and exploration.

I also enjoy writing with the goal of explaining concepts.

I’ve using the data science category for this blog to discuss some broad issues.

The following is a contact form:


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