The individual in a team obsessed world

The current culture shift toward team behavior has occurred over multiple generations. The people in teams seem to have people who are content with their place in the team. More significantly, they seem to be content in staying in their place indefinitely.

Consequence of flattening the curve

This trend of upsetting the normal arrangements will continue. While this is happening there will be more shortages. Supply chains will dwindle due to government restrictions and due to the lack of labor. The supplies that are delivered will have inflated costs due to high demand or due to the need to pay for the higher labor costs. The ultimate result is high inflation.


Soloist in hiding

Ultimately, the modern workplace fears soloists. They have good reason to fear them. The soloist has power. Like in a music concert, if the soloist can’t show up, the show can not go on with just the accompanists. If the soloist fails, there is nothing the accompanist can do to save the show.

Thoughts on delaying a hair cut

When a customer gets his hair cut, there is only one person doing the cutting from the start to the finish. That cutting involves observing, analyzing, planning, and acting. He succeeds because this is not a team effort.

Diabolical Cicadas

The 17 year cicada’s and the brood X existence might instead be a deliberate choice to send a message to all the other species that it understands evolution. In some way, species are aware of the evolutionary pressures of other species. They can act on this awareness to mess things up for them, but in a playful harassing way. This creature knows how to create a bountiful feast on a schedule that does no good to any other species.

Significance of a Fortnight

The rhythms of life and nature appear to be happening at intervals that are twice what we are using. Our time keeping is rushing life, and for the most part, the life is not trying to keep up. The natural rhythms often are occurring in bi-periods, or half-time.

Blood pressure and thinking too much

My blood pressure may be very similar to a computer cooling fan. It is telling me my brain is working hard on something. Like in the second computer fan example, it may be doing something unnecessary, and something I didn’t even realize would be happening. When I see spikes in my high blood pressure, it is telling me I am thinking about something too hard. If I don’t recognize it, it might be subconscious.

Life expectancy as a priority

The fact that we have achieved a population life expectation that is at this number provides proof that this is the right number, or a least a lower limit to what the right number should be. I wonder whether it might have been just an accident of history. The high life expectation was a deviation from the normal value. Perhaps it will be inevitable that we will revert to a much lower norm.

Urban transportation

The inappropriateness of stop signs for bicycles is interesting because I am starting to see stop signs on bike trails. In this country, we do not have a culture of yield and priority etiquette. People riding bicycles are actually car drivers using an alternative vehicle. The rules of the bike paths are the same as the rules of the roads. There needs to be a stop sign at busy interactions.

Detox from work

A sabbatical is a legitimate option for career training. This is the only time a person can learn how to fill in unstructured time. Doing so develops skills in how to create jobs where none were defined before. The key element of extended absences is the completely unstructured time. Things that do need to be done can take much longer than normally would be allowed in a work setting.