Consciousness or Causality is illusion

An initial consciousness could through design, refactoring, and replication build up the universe without any further miracles beyond the initial consciousness in the first place.


Big data challenges mechanical determinism theory of mind

This futuristic dedomenocracy offers a way to falsify the deterministic theory of mind by simple observation of innovative crime that occurs despite the power of the available data. Observations of successful innovative crimes that have unacceptably damaging consequence, or that occur in unacceptably high numbers would be evidence that we lack sufficient data for the deterministic model. However, I am assuming a future where we will have observations of just about everything that is observable. If dedomenocracy continues to experience innovative crimes despite having access to everything that is observable, then there the innovative part of the mind must be accessing something that can not be observed.

Dark nothing hypothesis macro-sized particles

The popular dark-matter hypothesis takes for granted the existence of fundamental particles that are outside of human capacity to observe. The hypothesis in the first article is that these hidden particles are as-yet undetected peers of sub-atomic particles we already know. The lack of perturbation of post-collision dark matter implies that if such sub-atomic dark-matter particles exist, they do not collide individually like particles we know. My conjecture is that the entire blob depicted in ghastly blue in the visualization is a single particle, or an agglomeration of galaxy-sized fundamental particles. The collisions didn’t affect these particles because the collisions are trivial for the scale of these particles.

A Taxonomy of Nothing

In earlier posts I contemplated that idea of the emptiness that separates matter.    I wondered whether the nothingness of empty space is an overlooked subject of inquiry. One of my earlier ideas was to offer a different explanation for astronomy’s dark matter and dark energy.  Dark matter is the unaccounted additional mass required to…

Body and Soul, Matter and space

Earlier, I discussed my fascination about the concept of empty space that separates matter.   I suggested a way to think of the initial moment of the creation of the universe as introducing the concept of empty space to a previously 0 dimensional dot.   Instead of a “let there be light” kind of moment,…