Rethinking instinct

Learning is an instinctual behavior. If we had to be taught how to learn, we could never learn that lesson.


Altruism at human hive scale

Success or fame in the current environment is a lottery prize given to great and weak with equal probability. In such an environment, it makes sense to put as little effort into success as one would put into buying a lottery ticket. A weekly effort, perhaps, but one that takes only a few minutes, leaving the rest of the week free.

Superintelligent Robots lack biological will to live and reproduce

The dominant life form in the universe is more likely to be biological than machines. The bulk of that life remains undiscovered at the edges of planetary systems, content to stay there indefinitely expanding from one object to the next. Occasionally they will encounter a star system with a habitable planet. Eventually they will reach that planet and introduce life to that planet if the planet is previously sterile.

Behavior of Behavior

My last post discussed my disapproval of describing behavior as analogous to a computer program.   In particular, that post focused on the idea that behavior is inherited, and thus somehow must be encoded in DNA, and thus DNA includes instructions for behavior in addition to blueprints for building proteins.    I accept that there…

Hypothesis DNA basis for Behavior

I have been delighted to watch the rapid progress of understanding of DNA over my lifetime.    I am amazed by the number of different directions for progress: improved technologies for rapid reading DNA sequences, improved understanding how DNA is copied, transferred toward proteins, replicated across generations, etc.   Each of these areas have seen…