Do we need narratives

We need a new approach to governance at all scales in order to sustain and build upon our culture. I think a new approach is possible by recognizing that narratives are expendable. We do not need consistency of narratives over time, for all narratives at all scales from nations to individuals.

The role of charters in government by data and urgency

The existence of a charter represents good data that a group (or a couple) have expressed a commitment to cooperate together as a single person. This is strong data for influencing future policies. Part of the calculation that goes into deciding new rules is the evidence that the population will cooperate. In this case, the charters present an advantage of making the offer of committing all of its participants to cooperate with the rules. In general, it is easier to govern corporations than it is to govern individuals. Corporations have means to manage their population to assure cooperation. There are many examples of corporations making firm commitments to police their employees to conform to government regulations including regulations that impact the individual employees. The corporation itself can address disobedience without requiring any effort by the government.