Globalist colonialism and cosmopolitan neo-tribalism

Permitting the development of isolated distinct cultures can provide the meaning and well-being of the population, allowing the population to maintain the numbers necessary to produce the occasionally qualified person to staff the remaining high level jobs within the colonial style government.

Human Hives

The modern gig lifestyle results in a hive-like devaluation of the individual, but it also contributes to the emergence of more hive-like behaviors by encouraging individuals, especially men, to maximize their efforts in a gig when they are needed and minimize their obligations when they are not relevant.

Disruptive urban planning for Tyson’s corner

I am pretty excited that finally Tyson’s corner area has Metrorail service with the new Silver Line providing four stops to serve an area of about 4 square miles. Although normal planning considers a 1/4 mile to be a reasonable walking distance, I don’t complain about a one mile walk for a commute.   I’m…