Explaining human over-consumption: admiration of living like a king, not evolutionary adaptation for hoarding

The popular notion of a good life is to live the life of a historic king. The house becomes a castle. Every room must be filled with treasure. Every meal must be a feast. This is not a result of determination from evolution. This is a result of living a fantasy.


Story telling drives human behavior

We do not have to call self-inflicted death suicide or represent it as a form of homicide. Using a different word, we can detach this form of death from the homicides that include justified or heroic stories. For example, if we described the event as a self execution we may suggest the stories associated with tyrannical executions or the ones we justify only after exhausting all appeals through various hearings. Execution stories may discourage a self-execution either because it is tyrannical or it because it failed to appeal the case to other judges.

Behavior of Behavior

My last post discussed my disapproval of describing behavior as analogous to a computer program.   In particular, that post focused on the idea that behavior is inherited, and thus somehow must be encoded in DNA, and thus DNA includes instructions for behavior in addition to blueprints for building proteins.    I accept that there…

Hypothesis DNA basis for Behavior

I have been delighted to watch the rapid progress of understanding of DNA over my lifetime.    I am amazed by the number of different directions for progress: improved technologies for rapid reading DNA sequences, improved understanding how DNA is copied, transferred toward proteins, replicated across generations, etc.   Each of these areas have seen…