Discourse Analysis of a Diary or Blog

I earlier wrote an idea that there can even be compensation for people to record their opinions so that those may be available for analysis for government, hopefully for a better one than we have now. This would provide the discourse analysts a richer repository to study to find context and settings for other discourses. It would also make their job much more difficult. Context and setting are easier to construct when you have very little information about either.

Keyboarding vs Blogging

This is not a blogging site. Instead, it is a site I use for typing. Instead of throwing typed paper into a trash can, I throw it out to the Internet, and lately even feed it to some AI to vocalize. The Internet is my trash can.

Converting old posts to audio podcasts

Information technology is separating us individually by demoting our ability to find each other in searches. Now, AI is replacing my voice. It is expressing my ideas, but if there is an audience that audience will have no connection to my person. At least with my written word, there is a personal connection of these letters coming from keystrokes from my fingers. Changing the content to AI podcaster eliminates that connection.

Thought logging

We are hearing claims that certain technologies such as machine learning are becoming more human like.   These advancements are providing benefits to humanity (as well as risks).   Similar consequences will come from having humans behave more machine-like, in particular to have each human log their actual unfiltered thoughts and feed those thoughts into a some big data store. Analysis may show that what seemed to be an outlier is actually our misunderstanding reality.

Is evergreen blogging a contradiction

A couple posts (here and here) on the  dailypost.wordpress.com caught my attention.   The first post follows its own advice to resurrect the second older post by adding some additional information.   The result drove in a point that some blog posts remain interesting and relevant despite being old.   Such posts have what they call evergreen content.…

Reflecting on using Stock Photos for Blogging

This is yet another post I will produce without a stock photo at the top.   I didn’t realize that the modern definition of a blog is that it must have some graphic content at the top (and ideally also in the middle somewhere).   Often this is some stock photo that the author would…

Working at hypothesis-discovery

Earlier, I mentioned my goal of writing two posts per day.   I made this my goal after I noticed that is in fact what I had been doing.   There was part of the rhythm of the day.   In the morning, I would write something that generalized my work experience.   In the…

Permission to Innovate

In response to Wall Street Journal’s published opinion-piece The End of the Permissionless Web, I had mixed reactions. The title alone got my attention.   I read it as the encroachment of more regulation of what we can do with the Internet.    Although the article did address some specifics, they were not of the nature…