Alternative history of two parallel governments divided by age groups: implication on establishing old age entitlements

Within this alternative history and starting around 1960, I imagine a different progression of obligation growth in terms of number of programs, of more generous eligibility requirements, of more generous benefits, and of higher national debt. Although the constituency for this part of government are the primary beneficiaries of the obligations, there will be political differences based on different interests within this age group. The financial requirements for self-funding the government or begging for transfer from the operational government will heighten the political debate.


Balanced budget Healthcare

The fastest growing component of the federal budget and already a major fraction of the overall spending involve the health-care entitlements of medicare, medicaid, affordable care act, and others. ¬†These programs provide direct payment to delivery of health services to participants. ¬† Although separate programs with different mechanisms for revenue and cost controls, the overall…