Punctuated Liberty: Mobilization for Corona Virus

In many ways, this pandemic is equal to a war.  This enemy’s intentions are contrary to the health and well-being of all of humanity.   This enemy is not human, and it is not possible to negotiate with.  We have to put our full energies into fighting this as if this were an existential war.   In the past, our species survived by mobilization to face the enemy (natural or otherwise) with the risks to individuals.   Only in temporary calamities like storms or fires would we survive by sheltering and waiting it out.   Longer lasting threats requires engaging directly with that threat. 

Automation failures requires burst-mode human labor

An economy of automated engineering and automated operation presents a new burst requirement on human labor.    We need a labor model that can rapidly dedicate people to solve emergency problems caused by automation and yet that automation is essential for continued operation of the economy or for avoiding some future disaster.