Declaration of indifference

The constitution was based on a population that accepted the concepts of individual independence.   The current government is of a population that accepts a concept of granted or not-yet revoked privileges based on merit and trust.    We reconcile the problem by operating a government for show that follows the canon set out by the constitution, and a government for real that operates largely independently of democratic control. 


The first amendment contradiction

This interpretation presents a problem in that the first amendment is a single statement that contradicts itself.   People have a right to attempt to persuade others, while the others have a right to never be persuaded.  

Constitutional Magic

A theme in my mind when I write about government is what appears to be a belief in some magical quality of our constitution that is assuring our continued success.   Somehow our founding fathers and early pioneers in the government stumbled upon some supernatural essence that guarantees our success. The constitution has an aura…