Big data is a paper tiger in face of addressing a crisis like Ebola outbreak

My earlier Ebola post … implied that [data science] participation is optional. With this post, I think the employment of big data predictive analytics is not optional. This disease will spread to affluent areas where people will learn of their degree of contact separation from the infected individual. We urgently need predictive analytics to inform these people of quantitatively verified risk of contracting the disease given that degree of contact separation.

Big Data failing to mobilize to fight Ebola epidemic, too timid to tackle real problems

We have the capacity to supply the necessary technologies to this region to begin collecting social media data. We just need the incentive that this data will provide valuable contributions to the fight against the Ebola epidemic and that the data science community is available to devote their efforts and put their reputations on the line to come up with big-data recommendations that really make a difference for an urgent and life-critical critical. First of all, we need data scientists to present solid proposals for how big data can help the management of the populations with the goal of improving our prospects for controlling the epidemic.