Critical theory manufactures dark data, my concern about hiring social sciences

As I mentioned, I find some value in critical theory to extract models from real-world observations. But overall my attitude toward the topic is negative. I think critical theory distracts from productive work in building persuasive arguments, and that is distracts the students in college from the productive training in classical rhetorical skills of building and defending arguments that do have a chance to persuade.

Critical theory in data science: extracting dark dark data for scrutiny

I appreciate most about social sciences (and related studies) the critical thinking skills to construct and defend arguments based on evidence. The critical theory can add benefit in terms of separating the models from the observations, but it must permit the preservation of some common-ground evidence for supporting arguments to allow new discoveries. Critical theory that denies any objective truth unclouded by models makes for interesting conversations, but it is not something I would pay a salary for.