Saturation employment follows automation

Dedomenology has a saturation aspect, requiring very long periods of work stretching over many days regardless of the concepts of standard working hours such as a 40 hour workweek.    When something needs to be tackled, it will employ the dedomenologist continuously until there is some level of completion.  There will be an endless stream of assignments that someone will need to dive into the depths of the data ocean and staying there for a long time until the assignment is over. 


Democratic participation when most information is government secrets

A democratic voting base is that population who has the ability to influence specific government decisions individually.    A democratic republic would transfer that direct influence to the representatives.    To the extent either of these exist today, that voting base is restricted to government bureaucrats with access to non-public information.   Further evidence of bureaucrats being the true base of democracy is that they are largely independent of both the executive and and the legislative branch.   

Dedomenocratic Party response to recent announcement to extend ACA open season

Allow me to assume all of the above can be backed by good data. The Dedomenocratic Party would have the data to gain their support for the second open enrollment period, but it’s support also depends on evidence of urgency. The urgency is that this is a very unique opportunity over all subsequent years and this opportunity closes at the end of the current tax filing season.

Dedomenocratic Party in a democracy facing external enemies

The Dedomenocratic Party could contribute to the current debate for authorization military force. Instead of agreeing with an immediate urgency for authorizing military force, the proposal would be to set up an independent board of military and foreign policy experts who are civilians (not currently active in military). This board will decide when there is an immediate need for action and what exact short-term action is needed. This board can provide the civilian but expect micromanaging of military operations needed to address the rapidly evolving asymmetric non-state threat. The solution is similar to the President’s request except for a creation of a new board with staff dedicated for this particular purpose alone. The staff should have credentials and expertise confirmed by congress (the Senate) and approved by the President. Once the board is in operation, it will operate independently until the entire board is dissolved.

Dedomenocratic Party: addressing entitlement unfunded liabilities

The Dedomenocratic Party suggestion could be to replace this debt limit with individual bonds for financing each part of the government. There would need to be an initial allocation of debts to the various programs and agencies. When more debt is needed, then there would be specific bond that specifies what program or agency needs that debt financing.

Dedomenocratic Party principle that we can not discover what we prevent ourselves from seeing.

Dedomenocratic Party needs the principle that permits obtaining measurements that otherwise would not be available. For governance, this involves reverting to the original liberties to measure how much of a problem remains after the rule has had its chance to have an effect. To be able to manage something, we need to be able to measure it. This is why a dedomenocracy has short-lived rules. Permanent laws denies the possibility of collecting data that the problem still exists or how bad it remains.

Dedomenocratic party response to raising the minimum wage: abolish the minimum wage

Unlike established businesses, labor costs for start-ups is much larger portion of their expenses. With current minimum wage laws, the labor costs are prohibitively expensive for most start-up opportunities requiring a team of people. A suspension of the minimum wage law would allow us to collect real data about this potential for new job creation within the country based on opportunities available in this modern age of modern technologies and infrastructure.

Dedomenocratic response to free community college: Reform compulsory high school education

I agree that the current school system is not doing a good job preparing high school graduates who are well equipped to enter the job market. However, instead of extending high school for two more years through publicly funded community college, a better approach may be to end the compulsory education period at the 8th grade and then allow the educational benefits of voluntary continued studies to apply to high school years instead of waiting for the community college years. Our once more excellent high-school education was damaged by making high school universal (making it compulsory). We can restore that quality education by returning it to voluntary and provide alternative paths for those who decide they are not interested in the academic/college-prep track.