Dedomenocratic party: restoring trust among people through data driven decision making

Although we lack the technology to adopt a comprehensive government by data, it may be worthwhile to start thinking about government by data as a political movement. I propose a new political party named Dedomenocratic Party. Unlike the other political parties that base their platform on specific goals, the Dedomenocratic Party’s platform is based on process of selecting short-lived rules based solely on most current data and algorithms. The other parties assert some claim about deep truth of human nature or proper government. In contrast, the Dedomenocratic Party claims such truths or understanding is irrelevant to the project of government when we have sufficient data and algorithms to make decisions automatically.

Workforce participation in activity tracking: addressing frustrations with micromanagement

In order to be successful, a program of activity tracking of government employees would need their good-faith cooperation to capture useful data. This will require overcoming the natural objections to the micromanagement of their daily activities. I doubt this will ever be fully successful because people naturally resent being watched too closely (I know I would resent it), even in this case where it is justified to maintain social order by providing democratic insight into the independent bureaucratic processes that are not otherwise accountable to democratic participation.

Useful Activity Tracking of government work requires flexible coding

Often he will not have time to search at that time so he will enter an option for to be determined later. Each time he makes this choice, there will be a fresh code created (a fresh GUID). He will need to resolve each of these before the end of his day and when he does there will be a mapping entry to map the freshly created code with the standardized list. Alternatively, he may find no suitable description and provide his own description for this newly created code. The supervisor or other higher authorities may work with him to map this to an appropriate existing code or simply submit his option as a new code for everyone else to use.

Electronic Records of government staff labor as a method of reform

In my view of a future dedodemocracy, I imagine that these data-science skills will be taught throughout grade school and become as common as we currently expect citizens to be able to read, write, and perform mathematics. This kind of data science will be an essential skill to participate in their dedodemocracy. The combination of this common data-science competency among citizens plus the requirement for all government staff to code their all of the daily work-products will permit the population to conclude that the government is using acceptable diligence and fairness in coming up with new obligatory evidence-based decisions.

Reforming government with decimal system for government work product

By introducing a reform that requires more extensive documentation of work products (comparable to regulations congress imposes on industries such as my examples in finance and healthcare), we can obtain the benefit of easier access to data such as faster FOIA responses without the need for manual intervention delays. One possible reform approach is to use a decimal coding system for federal agency work-products similar to the ICD-10 system that the healthcare industry uses for individual healthcare cases. The benefits will be similar in making more precise data available for querying and to establish reasonable reimbursement rates for each code.