Dehumanizing little people

The privileged panel insisted that the small business owner should be satisfied with the handouts from government. The overall image was repulsive. There was clearly a class divide on display: privileged people permitted full freedom to pursue their happiness are telling the unprivileged that they had no right to do likewise.

Dissidence when governed by data

The government is forced to commit every resource to commit to developing quickly some vaccination to eliminate this virus from the entire human population. The government must also keep that population compliant with this goal.   As a result such a government cannot tolerate dissenters.

Third valuable trait of unconscious intelligence is the ability to express dissent

I return again to the analogy that equates the unconscious mind to a trained dog. Compared to an untrained dog, a trained dog has skills it can perform a task. Also, dogs have an inherent eagerness to accept new opportunities to use their skills and then to stick to it until the task is complete. I used the example of the pet dog trained to play fetch but given a task to fetch something that lands outside of its reach. This exhibits two valued traits of having the skill to fetch and the discipline to keep at the task despite frustration. There is a third valuable trait is exhibited by the better trained sheep dog that understands the needs for the welfare of the sheep and will refuse following a shepherds command in order to avoid a hazard the shepherd can not see. I’m interested in evaluating the similar level of sophistication in the unconscious mind where it can formulate and express a dissent to a commanded action because the scenario is not best addressed with the exercise of his particular skills.

Conscripted Labor

Yesterday I posed an idea that pursuing happiness may be at odds with employment.  The decline of labor force participation may be a positive development rather than a bad development. I had only my personal biographical experience to draw upon and that dampened any prospect for a sweeping conclusion.   I only had a single…