Raising the minimum productivity

Mandating an increased minimum hourly rate simultaneously demands a increased productivity. Wages have a tendency of making work when work is not needed or before that work is better performed in order to sustain the worker’s hourly productivity. Also, the wages discourages the practice of pre-emptive learning or just waiting around for when the precise skills are absolutely needed.

Post employment economy

In the presumed post-scarcity world, we get the lifestyle without working, without any income.   In the extreme, the only possibility for compensation for residual jobs is in some form of an investment.   From our modern perspective where income is tied to consumption, income will not be a benefit from working.   The future will be a post-income world.

Dedomenocratic party response to raising the minimum wage: abolish the minimum wage

Unlike established businesses, labor costs for start-ups is much larger portion of their expenses. With current minimum wage laws, the labor costs are prohibitively expensive for most start-up opportunities requiring a team of people. A suspension of the minimum wage law would allow us to collect real data about this potential for new job creation within the country based on opportunities available in this modern age of modern technologies and infrastructure.

Second Hypothesis Discovery

The title of this post invokes the meaning of second guessing, or second opinion and applies it to hypothesis discovery. Earlier posts presented my view that the concept of business intelligence or the use of big data to find new information is a project of discovering new hypothesis.    The intelligence of business intelligence is…

In search of Competence

In a couple recent posts, my argument stumbled over confusing maturity with competence.   I attempted to clarify that the two ideas are distinct and serve different purposes. I want to return to the original mistake of implying that maturity can be a proxy for competence.   I suggested other “bright” (well defined and controlled)…

Tea time during Happy Hour

It is now happy hour, that period between 4 and 7 where bars try to attract after-work gatherings.   I am enjoying a quiet tea break instead.   Orange-spice blend herbal tea, to be exact. I live in Arlington Virginia within but at the edge of the DC urban area.   Most jobs are office…

Pursuing happiness

I spent all day writing blog posts.  I wrote three posts, each one carefully edited and rewritten until it was ready to publish.  I got to the point of convincing myself that it was ready for hitting the publish button.  And that at that instant, I moved the entire post to the trash folder. The…