Life in automated world

The assumption is that the initial condition of the fully automated economy and government is ideal in terms of a modern middle-class experience for everyone with a guaranteed income and free entertainment. It can only get worse from there. Humans offer nothing to improve the future of the automation. Inevitably, they will segregate into groups. Those groups will strive for improvements of their condition where their best opportunity is at the expense of other groups. The automation will adapt.


After robots take all employment

I think this daily expense account is more realistic than a basic income to provide for the basic welfare of the unemployed in a fully automated economy. It is also helpful to illustrate how dismal this state of affairs will be. The expense account is a daily ration, and a cot in a shelter. But the shelter will have plenty of available virtual-reality head consoles.

In government by data, the morning paper is data open to all

The trend toward data lakes presents a pool of data that presents multiple versions truth that are analogous to newsstands or libraries of newspapers and periodicals chronicling current events. With the increasing need for people to get their “news” from data, it may be helpful to envision data science as an evolution of journalism instead of STEM (computer and math sciences). The computer science part is the equivalent of the printing press. The value of data comes from journalist skills.