Paying attention to data and predictions teaches the lesson to suspect models

By paying close attention to the new observations and comparing them to past interpretations, we are able to gain a better appreciation for our ignorance. Our models may be imperfect. There may be previously unknown variables that can have major consequences. We need to pay attention in order to observe the failure of new information confirming old expectations. Doing so teaches us respect for our ignorance. In particular, such experiences justify fears and doubts for future decisions.


Science of data contrasted with science

In this blog, I have been discussing a perspective gained from my specific experience working directly with a large amount of diverse data.   When I started that project, I was thinking only of the technical challenges of getting data, preparing it for the data store, and doing something useful with it.   These were…

Dark Data: Evolution’s missing links

In an earlier post, I described as stealth the problem of missing evidence of gradually transitioning forms.  Instead both the fossil record and the observation of current biology shows remarkable stability of forms once they are established. I am not trained in biology so I have not much to contribute outside of uninformed musings.  …