Nanoseconds don’t listen to milliseconds

For example, someone desiring to cure a cancer may want to get into the intervals where proteins and DNA operate in order to negotiate with those entities to stop doing something that is having some drastic effects on the being living in longer intervals. A path to curing cancer could be to convince the bio-chemical processes to reform their activities. However, to get to enter this conversation, the curer would have to live life at the far faster pace of proteins and DNA. That conversation will have to proceed within the environment of the distractions and concerns of those proteins and DNA. The curer would become another protein or DNA. He may have an additional distraction of proving himself to not be foreign material that normally should be destroyed. Entering that world will present the curer with need to survive at that level instead of needing to survive at the human experience level. The curer will more likely be convinced by the story tellers to continue telling the same story in order to survive, than to convince that population to reform in order to save some distant concept of the body as a whole.