Labor force participation: thoughts on hard to fill vacancies

Jazz bands come together through voluntary associations of individuals who recognize complementary capabilities. They then practice together to build up their skills and more importantly to build a tight team where everyone knows what everyone else is doing or is about to do. A jazz band is only hired after they have practiced to the point of being able to demonstrate they can do the job as a team. When hired, the band is hired as a all-or-nothing band. We don’t hire the drum player of a successful band to fill our drum-playing vacancy. Instead when we encounter a situation where the currently hired band lost their drum player, we replace entire with a completely different band that does have a drum player.

I imagine this approach can offer a solution to the problems of the modern job market. Instead of recruiting individuals, we should recruits bands or squads of individuals. The individuals have trained together and come in as a team. As soon as a team lacks any key player, the entire team is replaced with another team.