Govern based on knowing capable people exist

We may end up with a society of shut-ins who will not only obediently follow the guidance and laws for social distancing, but they will also be alert to report any neighborhood violators of the same rules.   Within this backdrop, there will be men who do go outside the majority isolation rules and pursue their interests despite the neighborhood harassment. 


Laws: government coercion, domination, and control

Contrary to President Trump’s declaration, we have an inescapable need to have laws that coerce, dominate, and control our lives.   There may be some people who think they can live without those laws, but I suspect that will only work when they are on an island isolated from any dissenting peers.   There is something deep within us that recognizes that the rule of law is essential to our being humans. 

Conscripted Labor

Yesterday I posed an idea that pursuing happiness may be at odds with employment.  The decline of labor force participation may be a positive development rather than a bad development. I had only my personal biographical experience to draw upon and that dampened any prospect for a sweeping conclusion.   I only had a single…