Fake but accurate: what we once called fiction has now become non-fiction

I think this is what distinguishes modern non-fiction from non-fiction in earlier ages. In earlier ages (Melville’s time), the non-fiction took pains to exclude any fanciful information at all. Non-fiction was devoted the presentation of actual evidence that supports a particular conclusion or theory. Fiction (such as Moby Dick) was a separate work that incorporated those facts into an illustrative example. Today’s non-fiction typically incorporates both fanciful illustrations and actual facts. The danger is that some readers may confuse the illustration as another fact.


Morlocks and Eloi

It has been about a year ago, but I recently re-read HG Well’s The Time Machine just to remind myself what the story was about.   It was one of the many stories I read growing up.   At that time, I was probably more fascinated about the technology than the social commentary.   Later…