Soloist in hiding

Ultimately, the modern workplace fears soloists. They have good reason to fear them. The soloist has power. Like in a music concert, if the soloist can’t show up, the show can not go on with just the accompanists. If the soloist fails, there is nothing the accompanist can do to save the show.


COVID19: need for future-tense science

Another advantage of the dedomenocracy is that it would allow more vigorous future-tense science of making risk based decisions.  Like for present-tense science, this is a subtle consequence of how the dedomenocracy would operate.   The dedomenocracy only enforces rules for the short period of time that the population expresses an urgency for such action.   This gives the population to opportunity to decide that when the urgency is over.

Sharing economy deprives workers of opportunities of convenience

The unfulfilled task also represents a cost to the capable but not qualified worker. In an employment scenario, such a worker will have the opportunity to prove his otherwise unexpected capabilities. Through the opportunity of participating in the crisis task, the employee may discover an unexpected capability. Successful completion of the task will result in recognition of this capability both by the employer and within the larger market place.

Business activity tracking can improve requirement analysis for maintaining legacy applications

Legacy applications can benefit from big data approaches without the need to replace the legacy architecture with new technologies. Instead the big data can augment the application by collecting higher volume, variety, and velocity data about the user’s activity using the application. Analysis of this data can inform decision makers where there may be problems with the work-products. Correspondingly, it can provide requirements analysts with information about where improvements are needed or with more complete library of edge cases to consider for new designs.

Learned diversity builds great teams

What matters is the diversity of personal experiences of the individual team members, not the experiences of the broader populations represented by that individual team member. Even if the social-group experiences were relevant, the individual will have access to only a tiny fraction of the experiences we expect him to represent. The genome itself is not a communication channel for sharing intelligence among living humans.

Disrupt management by using firing managers instead of hiring managers

Except in Donald Trumps reality TV shows, most managers do not have the luxury of immediately declaring “you’re fired”, and certainly not in that short of a period of time. Again, I trust the instinct is correct and that no amount of coddling will obtain the desired performance. However, we work within an idealistic human resources department that demands a drawn out process that reserves a firing event only for overtly criminal behavior. We are usually stuck with our hiring decisions because our job is to be a hiring manager and a hiring manager’s job is to select the idealized competent candidate for the job opening.

Happiness Labor

Consider the scenario of starting some new enterprise.  It may be a new division or business unit within a company.  It may be some new task force to tackle a lengthy project.  It may be some start-up company or an earlier start-up with new funding to expand. This new initiative occurs during the current economic…