Weather forecasters fail again in their mission to aid city planners with accurate warnings

A failed forecast is an ideal time to give advancement opportunities to the people who have been waiting for the opportunities. In my last post, I described my skepticism that the more senior professional will be any better than the next in line. For a healthy stable society, we need to take advantage of opportunities to make vacancies for younger people so that they can have their chance to contribute. I don’t doubt that there is a deep pool of very qualified weather professionals who are ready and eager to fill the vacancies of resulting from dismissing the senior-most positions when bad forecasts cause significant harm by causing the consumer urban and emergency planners to over- or under-react.


Hiring by audition instead of interview

In my experiences on both sides of the hiring process, I’ve found the concept of an interview to be very frustration and irrelevant.   Even as a hiring manager, I struggled to make the interview relevant.    A candidate presents on his resume his experience, training, and credentials.   Each of those can be confirmed…

Becoming Ebenezer

It should be a surprise to no one that Dicken’s A Christmas Carol left a big impression on me during my childhood.  My first encounter with the story must have been some movie or animated TV show.   I think I read the original text at some point, but it was a long time ago.…