A need for a new rhetoric for data, identifying fallacies in data

There may be many other ways to identify fallacies in handling data that may have an analogous effect on dedomenocracy automated rule-making as classical rhetorical fallacies have on persuasive arguments. In order to defend against malicious or unfair manipulation of a dedomenocracy, we need to develop ways to identify data fallacies that we can use to govern the quality of data for automated rule making.

Fake but accurate: what we once called fiction has now become non-fiction

I think this is what distinguishes modern non-fiction from non-fiction in earlier ages. In earlier ages (Melville’s time), the non-fiction took pains to exclude any fanciful information at all. Non-fiction was devoted the presentation of actual evidence that supports a particular conclusion or theory. Fiction (such as Moby Dick) was a separate work that incorporated those facts into an illustrative example. Today’s non-fiction typically incorporates both fanciful illustrations and actual facts. The danger is that some readers may confuse the illustration as another fact.

Critical theory manufactures dark data, my concern about hiring social sciences

As I mentioned, I find some value in critical theory to extract models from real-world observations. But overall my attitude toward the topic is negative. I think critical theory distracts from productive work in building persuasive arguments, and that is distracts the students in college from the productive training in classical rhetorical skills of building and defending arguments that do have a chance to persuade.

Dedomenology: naturalist of the datum

Dedomenology is about distinguishing data in terms of how well it captures an actual event in the real world with solid documentation and control so that we know exactly what is being reported. The idea that data could range from being very bright (it really did happen) to very dim (we’re not sure what happened) to being dark (we guess this might have happened) to forbidden (this could not have happened) to unlit (something found nearby), to accessory (irrelevant observations). All of this variety of data can occupy a spot in a data store.

Understanding diversity: acknowledging intelligence

I have been thinking about a work-place emphasis on promoting diversity.    What is it that we should be aspiring to achieve? When we get the occasional updates for diversity sensitivity training, it seems always to be presented as some new never-before attempted initiative.   I realize that the training audience needs to include first-year…

On keeping Anti-Science out of schools

Many of my earlier posts extrapolate from my experiences as a self-described data-scientist.    Another way to describe these posts as viewing the world through my internal biases of seeing everything as just data. In some posts I suggest that the entire universe appears nothing more than a one-dimensional line of data.   Other posts…

Hard Sciences vs Soft Sciences

In my days as a low-level manager I occasionally needed to hire new staff.   Based on various constraints, I had to choose staff specifically with technical degrees.  But my work dealt with historical data.   While it is true that there are technical skills required to write software, to understand server capabilities, to understand…

Our fear of the young mind

My impression reading about current state of elementary and secondary school education is that since the time I went to school, the education is demanding more attention of the student through the use of more frequent and more intense homework, more frequent and wider-ranging standardized testing. In our quest for higher performance standards of the…

Comprehension vs Rhetoric in terms of implications on Democracy

My childhood education is modern as opposed to classical.   In terms of English, modern education focuses on reading, writing, and comprehension.    Common Core takes this approach but with a fixed program that dictates that this education process is stretched over 13 years (K-12).   There is even some talk to answer disappointing progress…