Masters of Ignorance: effective data analysis

We should study observations separately from derivations from theories.   The deliberately ignorant takes the position that data is superior to science.   There is a valid place for the deliberately ignorant when included in teams with domain experts representing each of the relevant scientific disciplines.   In order to work, the deliberately ignorant needs to be skilled at his craft of being ignorant in the right way to propel the team towards a new solution without annoying everyone to the point of being expelled.

Three dimensional time

Time, as we experience it, has different components sharing a common unit (such as seconds).   There is the scientific time that is analytic in a way that makes possible mechanistic models that are very successful at modeling the physical world.  There is the historic time that allows for growing intelligence made possible by the additional evidence that comes inevitably from the passage of time.   For intelligence to act upon the physical (mechanistic) world to exercise a free will, there is a component of time required for persuasion through some process that allows for selecting the opportunities presented by the otherwise indifferent physical world.

Dark Data is worse than No Data

In my last post, I suggested we may be making an error by assuming a norm of a steady cash flow from stable employment.  In particular, that lower income people may be making a rational decision to avoid making an annual commitment to a set premium for health insurance.    Some people live in constant…

On keeping Anti-Science out of schools

Many of my earlier posts extrapolate from my experiences as a self-described data-scientist.    Another way to describe these posts as viewing the world through my internal biases of seeing everything as just data. In some posts I suggest that the entire universe appears nothing more than a one-dimensional line of data.   Other posts…

Really? Gravitational Waves

Yesterday there was some announcement about some proof of gravitational waves predicted by Einstein.  It is amusing to see the jubilation about the discovery as being far more encompassing than it is. Of all the ways gravitational waves are proposed to be generated, this study focused on just one: waves created during the first infinitesimal…