Lockdown: a game of Freeze Dance

The freeze dance game is an analogy of what lock down subjects to young people. In that game, someone plays music that everyone enjoys dancing to. When everyone starts getting well into their dancing, someone stops the music and everyone must freeze in their position. Anyone who continues to move is taken out of the game, even if that movement involves catching ones balance. When translated to real life, it is most hazardous for the younger generations.

Shortage of skilled labor a symptom of story telling

The skilled labor shortage comes from the story telling that external educational systems are failing the deliver desired skills. We introduced the story telling initially to motivate a recommendation to improve education. Unfortunately, the story became part of the evidence and data so that future decision making considers education (external skill development) to be their primary challenge. The story obscures other opportunities that they can pursue, such as identifying promising talent to train for a more challenge and difficult challenge that remains unfilled.