Orphanocracy: a government by decisions accountable by noone

Being placed under oath to tell the whole truth even in an adverse interrogation is a recognition that one is qualified as independent thinker. That recognition deserve reciprocal respect by drawing honest and frank answers from the thoughts, knowledge, doubts, and fears from one’s own person, free from supervision or deferment to political handlers or lawyers. The implicit qualification to work independently is to accept the obligation to be accountable for the independent work performed. If one does not wish to accept this accountability, he should not have accepted a contract to provide independent contributions, and instead work under supervision of someone who will accept this obligation.


Consent to be Governed: the test of Ferguson-inspired protests

We need this information about the non-participating members of the community. The journalists have the skills to obtain this data. Unfortunately, they do not yet have the incentive to get this data. While one or two dissenting opinions may support a publication of an article, we need an extensive survey across the entire community. If the evidence is going to make a difference in the government-by-data approach, then we need at least as much evidence of the non-protesting population as we have of the protesting population. The protesters have been so vocal that this sets the bar pretty high.

Media’s Ferguson Fable, a morality tale of dark data

The huge deployment of professionally trained journalists was largely wasted in redundantly covering the protest scene covered by amateurs, when they could have pursue the larger story of obtaining the opinions of all of those who were not participating. Perhaps they were seething that their government was prevented from providing the government’s usually effective service of protecting their property and putting out the fires. Perhaps the silent super-majority has always given consent to a local government that provided services when they need it: such as when their businesses are being robbed or their property is on fire. We didn’t learn this because everyone was busy independently confirming that the protesters on the street were very upset.

Democracy: Government by “now it is our turn”

This recent Understanding Our Divisions post by George Will was very thought provoking.  The part that caught my attention was his focus on the word democracy. Democracy is rule by the people.   But instead of focusing on the word people, focus instead on the first part.   Saying we have a democracy is saying…

Preventing solutions: the American Way

I continue to recollect how I felt about the opportunities leading up to the 2008 election.   It was probably fantasy on my part, but I felt it was possible to come together to make hard decisions about the unsustainable obligated spending programs of Social Security and Medical-Benefit programs.   It was an opportunity to…

Achilles Heel of Democracies

I continue to follow the unfolding drama of Venezuela and Ukraine.  They have reached an unfortunate stage where there doesn’t seem to be any kind of deliberative solution.  In each case, some side needs to establish some calm and normalcy so that a peaceful economy can resume and allow for the return of more democratic government in the more distant future. On an…