The individual in a team obsessed world

The current culture shift toward team behavior has occurred over multiple generations. The people in teams seem to have people who are content with their place in the team. More significantly, they seem to be content in staying in their place indefinitely.

Soloist in hiding

Ultimately, the modern workplace fears soloists. They have good reason to fear them. The soloist has power. Like in a music concert, if the soloist can’t show up, the show can not go on with just the accompanists. If the soloist fails, there is nothing the accompanist can do to save the show.

Software for Affordable Care Act

I follow news about Affordable Care Act in general because it is affecting me now as a long-term individual-market subscriber.   Besides a personal stake in the overall program, I am curious about the ongoing drama of the failures and delays of implementation of the software and IT required to make the legislation work. In…