Keyboarding vs Blogging

This is not a blogging site. Instead, it is a site I use for typing. Instead of throwing typed paper into a trash can, I throw it out to the Internet, and lately even feed it to some AI to vocalize. The Internet is my trash can.

May already

I missed my evening blogging session yesterday.  I wish I could claim that I some excuse of a major distraction that kept me away from the computer.   To be honest, I spent the time staring at an empty editing pane not knowing what to write. It amazes me that another week is ending.  …


Pursuing happiness

I spent all day writing blog posts.  I wrote three posts, each one carefully edited and rewritten until it was ready to publish.  I got to the point of convincing myself that it was ready for hitting the publish button.  And that at that instant, I moved the entire post to the trash folder. The…