Common sense referees science

In the COVID19 situation, we are instructed to obey the policies that are grounded in science.

The science assures us that this viral epidemic will have a more significant impact on lives than normally associated with common colds or seasonal flu.

This virus

  • is spread very quickly from human to human
  • it starts similar to a common cold and can spread similarly
  • it can escalate to severe conditions for a variety of different targets including the lungs, the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, the heart, or the liver
  • These conditions can result in needing hospitalizations that can escalate to intensive care with invasive ventilators
  • The conditions are especially deadly for elderly people and people with pre-existing conditions of managed but severe illnesses
  • While it comes from a family of viruses that mankind has never yet been able to develop a vaccine for, we need to invest in finding a vaccine

Further more, science advises

  • closing of schools that can spread virus among children based on models of how other diseases spread even though there is no evidence the children are at any significant risks and no evidence that children can spread this virus to adults
  • imposing stay-at-home orders forcing everyone inside except for a few permitted essential activities without any consideration of how constraining many homes are especially in apartments or small trailers a large portion of the population has available
  • forcing non-essential businesses to close and thus not giving their employees active work that brings exercise and meaning to their lives
  • forcing social distancing of 6-foot separation and mask-wearing that essentially eliminates all opportunities for socialization
  • closing of public spaces such as parks, recreational facilities, and beaches and thus eliminating people’s opportunities for healthy outdoor exercise while indoor exercise via gyms are already closed or greatly restricted due to being non-essential

The vast majority of people being restricted this way are younger and poorer people.   Wealthier people are more likely to have essential jobs and have spacious well-equipped homes to make up for what they can not get outside the homes.

More specifically, everyone is being asked to sacrifice not for their protection, but for the protection of the fewer elderly and ill people.

Science dictates that this isolation must continue until a vaccine is available.  Due to the nature of the virus, the type of vaccine will be new and will come with new risks.

The point of both the extended isolation policies and the vaccine distribution is to protect the lives of the small minority of people who are at greatest risk.

Science demands that everyone else sacrifice valuable healthy and youthful years to protect this vulnerable population.    When a vaccine does become available that will free everyone to resume a more normal life, this same population of healthy and young people will be commanded to take the vaccine, again to protect the vulnerable instead of directly protecting themselves.

Science demands the vaccination of everyone except for the vulnerable because the vulnerable have weakened immune systems where the vaccine will not work or may be too risky.

In short, science recognizes that two populations among the uninfected

  • The relative few who are vulnerable to complications or death if they get the disease
  • The larger majority who have little to no vulnerabilities to either

Given the circumstances, science demands that the second group make sacrifices to benefit the first group.   First by suspending their lives during their youthful or healthy years.   Second by subjecting themselves to an experimental vaccine rushed out too quickly to verify no long-term risks such as acquire immune deficiency or auto-immune disease.

The science for how to deal with COVID19 is clear, and it clearly goes against all common sense.   This may be a time when the best response to scientific recommendation is to dismiss it as ridiculous.


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